Visiting the Museum with a class or school group

The school programme experience is 'Hands-on' and is supported by the Ministry of Education. While the permanent and touring exhibitions include precious artifacts which cannot be touched, students are provided with a hands-on environment in the classroom that is exciting and contemporary using Education objects that compliment the exhibition's programme.  Programmes are designed to incorporate a number of experiences to suit children's different learning styles.

The Museum provides experiences not usually available in the classroom. Students can be taken out of the museum to sites of historic or natural interest and we will provide a programme closely linked to your classroom activities.

The Nelson Provincial Museum has a huge number of collection items telling the stories of human cultures and histories as well as those of the natural world. There is also a large collection of photographs dating from the 1860s to the present day.

The galleries display objects, art works, photographs and text help us to create stimulating and enjoyable learning experiences. Education staff provide programmes which utilise both the galleries and our unique collection.

Planning your visit to the Museum

Please select from the headings below to get more information to plan your class visit:

+ Our Education programmes

You can find all of our Education programmes on the Current Programmes page. This is also where you will be able to enquire a booking.

+ Customising progammes to your needs

Programme titles are a guide to teachers. School Service Teachers will adjust programmes to enhance the particular objectives covered in your classroom.

The New Zealand Curriculum Framework is our base. Education programmes are linked to the National Curriculum with particular emphasis on Social Sciences, Science and Technology. All programmes can be made more relevant to classroom learning with pre and post visit support from Teacher's Guides and Resource Packs and pre-visit consultation.

+ Planning your visit

Education programmes are available between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday. Museum visits outside these hours are negotiable. Bookings are essential. Staff syndicate meetings can be held at the museum after school, to set objectives for visits.

+ Booking procedure

Most bookings should be made a term in advance although short notice for special visits can sometimes be accommodated. Visit start times are usually 9.15am, 11am, 1pm. Times for classes are negotiable and we are committed to meeting the needs of rural schools with time constraints.
Most classes last for one and a half hours however, field excursions are longer. Confirmation of booking will normally be made by email.

Please ensure that you have a minimum of 4 parents for each progamme. If you have curriculum needs are beyond the scope of the programmes advertised, please give us a call. We can often help you with a one off programme or loan kit.

To book please

We will discuss your lesson objectives and learning outcomes with you during the booking process.

To view our evacuation floor plans click here:

Ground Floor

First Floor

+ Costs

Most programmes will be free. Programmes related to admission-charged touring exhibitions may attract a charge. This will be advised on a case-by-case basis.

+ Arriving at the Museum

Parking is not always easy so make sure you have time to find a park before the programme starts. Classes will use the main door on the corner of Hardy and Trafalgar Streets. It is a good idea to collect up your class outside before coming into the museum as a group. There is room for students inside if it is raining.

We can store bags in the classroom upstairs and morning tea or lunch can be eaten on the roof garden.

+ Adult helpers

We make you work!! Adult helpers will enjoy leading groups in various activities. This is empowering to parents.

+ RAMS form

Click here to download the Museum RAMS Form.

If you have further questions or would like to make a booking enquiry please go to the Current Programmes page and get in touch.