Māori Programmes

Nau te rourou, Nāku te rourou, Ka ora ai te iwi. - With your food basket and my food basket, the people will thrive.
— Māori whakatauki (proverb)

+ Ngā Koiora a Raranga Yrs 1 - 5

Our wonderful stained glass window is used as a focus for this programme. Students will learn some of the natural history and the legends of the creatures depicted. Objects from our collection will be used to support the programme. Students will then make their own 'stained glass' images.

+ Ngā Iwi Te Tau Ihu Yrs 3 - 10 (enhanced for senior classes)

This programme includes the waves of migration, the naming of local iwi and their origins, local stories, and viewing and responding to artifacts and images that represent local iwi.

+ Tauira Pattern Yrs 0 - 8

Students learn about the structure of the wharenui, the patterns inside it and some of the protocols associated with a visit to a marae. Students design their own kōwhaiwhai and tukutuku having heard some local legends.

+ Kanohi ki te kanohi

A brief history of contact between Māori and European pre-1842 and an introduction to the New Zealand Company's concept of the Nelson settlement. It will include an investigation of artefacts associated with needs of Māori and European and there will be discussion of the changes brought about by the introduction of European objects and ideas. Objectives from the Social Sciences curriculum will be met as students start to understand how cultural practices vary but reflect similar purposes. Dramatic presentations of first contact will be part of the programme. These will match curriculum objectives from The Arts - Drama where students will initiate and develop ideas with others to create drama.

Suitable for all levels.

+ Te Rito (new)

Harakeke (flax) inspires this programme where we explore the significance of this plant both historically, and what Harakeke offers our lives today. Understand and practice tikanga (cultural protocols) associated with Harakeke, and weave together as a group while we weave with this valuable resource.

Suitable for all levels.

+ Ā E I Ō Ū (new)

Empower students with confidence and competence in basic Te Reo and Tikanga Māori. Experience Māori welcoming protocols and learn how to consistently pronounce Māori words accurately. Explore taonga (Museum treasures) through bilingual activities, before creating an art piece inspired by the taonga. Learn basic Te Reo Māori sentence structures to complement the art creations – and for everyday classroom conversation.

Storytelling option: There is an option to engage in dramatic re-tellings of local stories, instead of the art activity as the second part of this programme.

Suitable for all levels.

This allows the children to make connections between the displays in the lower gallery. This progamme is language based.

Suitable for all levels.

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