Years 7 - 10 Programmes

We offer a range of learning programmes tailored to the needs of intermediate and secondary students which include walks, field work across the region, and museum visits.

Please chose from the following options:

+ Bones of our Land

This programme takes place at the museum and takes 1 1/2 hours.

Science - Planet Earth and Beyond L2/3 explore and describe resources such as rocks. L4 develop an understanding that rocks are one of the earth's resources.

Opportunities for learning include:

  • investigating the origins rocks and rock formations of Te Tau Ihu, eg. Boulder Bank, Farewell Spit, Mt Arthur, Caves in limestone.
  • gathering information by hands-on investigation of rocks. Developing ideas about texture, grain size, colour, density and use.
  • gathering information about fossils found in the Nelson region.
  • modelling rock forming processes and sorting rocks into groups, eg sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.
  • gathering information about use of non-renewable resources such as iron ore extraction at Onekaka, copper and chromite mining at Dun Mt, gold in the Aorere, pakohe (Argillite) for tools.
  • Investigating Maori tools made with pakohe.

+ The Champion Copper Smelter

This programme includes a field trip to the Champion Smelter accessed through Aniseed Valley. The walk from the end of the road to the smelter is about one and a half hours.

Science L4 - Earth Systems hemistry and Society Social Studies L4 - How exploration and innovation create opportunities

+ What's happening at Tahuna Beach?

Tahuna Beach is barely 100 years old. This programme involves a field trip to Tahuna beach. Students are provided with photographs and booklets to help them interpret the changes that have taken place and the dynamic nature of a beach.

Social Studies L3 - Understand how people view and use places differently.

+ Coastal Processes in Southern Tasman Bay

The programme contributes to year 13 Geography

NCEA AS 90701 3.1 Analyse a geographic environment focusing on the interacting Natural Processes NCEA AS 90705 3.5 Carry out geographic research with consultation.

This programme involves fieldwork at two sites on two days: The Boulder Bank, a full day and Tahuna Beach, a half day.

+ Murder on the Maungatapu

This walk contributes to Year 13 History

NCEA AS 90654 3.1 Plan and carry out independent historical research. NCEA AS 90655 3.2 Communicate historical ideas.

This programme starts at the museum and proceeds to Bridge Street and to the courthouse before returning to view the Maungatapu exhibits in the museum.

Students are issued with laminated booklets of photographs to support their investigation.

The walk lasts about 1 hour leaving approx 15 minutes in the museum.

If you have further questions or would like to make a booking enquiry please go to the Current Programmes page and get in touch.