Kura Pounamu: Our Treasured Stone

Hei tiki (pendant in human form), 2008, made by Lewis Tamihana Gardiner of Ngāi Tahu....jpg

An exhibition created by Te Papa working closely with Ngāi Tahu, and featuring more than 200 pounamu taonga.

This exhibition tells the story of this most precious of stones, its significance for Māori, and its enduring value from ancient times until today.

We have produced a very exciting programme suitable for all ages. Students are given a gentle guided tour and the chance to touch some of the beautiful touchstones. We will also explore some of the stories related to pounamu. Students also have the chance to hold similar tools used to create these stunning pieces as shown in the audio visual.

Our education programme is expected to be very popular with students of all ages, so it is essential that you book in your class early!

School bookings are open NOW. Please direct any enquiries to education@museumnp.org.nz or use the form on our website.

More information on the exhibition can be found here.

Available for all ages / levels