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Bugs may have a reputation for being small, scaly and scary but creepy crawlies are actually superheroes in disguise!

This family-friendly, hands-on educational experience brings visitors face-to-face with some real live mini-monsters - ‘Eugene’, the giant poisonous centipede, and his friends the tree wētā, stick insects, locusts, crickets, cockroaches and Avondale spiders.

Explore the secret world of bugs and the vital role they play in our lives without us even realising it! Learn about the different native species of bugs in New Zealand and the sometimes precarious position they hold in the ecosystem due to threats from imported pests and environmental threats.

There are plenty of hands-on activities for youngsters to get involved in, including dress-ups, creating their own superpower bug, a huge picture puzzle, and a collection of activity cards to take home with instructions how to create a backyard bug hotel, a bug census and homes for weta.

They can also learn how to become a citizen scientist and how bugs inspire those on the frontline of technology.

Come and discover how bugs really and truly are Our Backyard Heroes!