National Geographic 50 Greatest Photographs extended by popular demand




The Nelson Provincial Museums latest exhibition 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic, which opened to the public on the 17th March, has had its run extended by another month due to popular demand.

“The decision to extend the exhibition was an easy one to make” says Nelson Museum’s Chief Executive Lucinda Blackley-Jimson, “In our first four weeks we had 12,500 visitors through and the numbers have continued to grow each day. It’s well on its way to becoming one of our most popular exhibitions.”

This exhibition takes visitors behind the lens of some of National Geographic’s most engaging images including the unforgettable ‘Afghan Girl’, a portrait of a green eyed Afghan girl which was taken in a refugee camp in Pakistan by Steve McCurry. Other photographs include Michael “Nick” Nichols’ poignant photograph of Jane Goodall with a chimpanzee reaching through the bars of his cage in an African zoo and Thomas Abercrombie’s 1965 photograph of a quarter of million Muslim pilgrims at Mecca.

“It’s been fantastic to see visitor’s reactions to the photographs. From the hauntingly beautiful image of the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, to the heart breaking photo of a young shepherd’s grief after the death of his sheep - each image tells a powerful story. There have been tears, laughter and sense that visitors are experiencing something special.”

With so many visitors’ eager to know more about the photographs, that the museum is now offering short guided tours designed to share interesting facts, stories and anecdotes for a selection of some of the most interesting photographs in the exhibition.

“This guided tour is a response to the popularity of the exhibition and people quizzing our front of house team for more details about the photographs.”

The Museum Shop has also been busy with National Geographic merchandise selling fast and many of the most popular books now on back order because the shop can’t keep up with demand.

“Overall the exhibition has ticked all the boxes for us. These photographs really are the very best examples of photojournalist work in the world. Our goal as a museum is to bring the most compelling experiences to our audience, ones that challenge our perspectives, educate and leave us changed.” says Lucinda Blackley-Jimson

The 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic exhibition will now run until the 30th June 2018.