Behind the Photographs Tour

Where is the ‘Afghan Girl’ now? Who is the 'Tollund Man'? Why is a sea lion throwing a penguin at the photographer? 

Discover the stories behind some of the most remembered and celebrated photographs of National Geographic. Our tour guide Alex will take you through the exhibition, revealing the interesting facts, little known details, stories and anecdotes behind a selection of some of the most interesting photographs in the exhibition.  

This is a free 30 minutes tour, though general entrance fees do apply for visitors to the region. You are welcome to continue to discover the exhibition at your own pace at the end of the tour.

The tour runs at various times throughout the week:
May: Every Wednesday and Thursday 3:00, and Saturday 11:00
June: Every Wednesday 3:00 and Saturday 11:00

To arrange group tours or to make special bookings please contact us. Our friendly staff are happy to help you with your inquiry.